Why you should apply the “stop seeing posts but stay friends” option on me


I never really enjoyed reading mysteries because, for me, there were never enough details, not enough to dig into. I love to dig. For a time, I thought I would be a reporter, but then I realized you had to talk to people. I did love a mystery, and although mystery fiction was unsatisfying, nonfiction, history, was always something into which my teeth could find purchase.

I devoured every book I could find on the Kennedy assassination, and everything on Lincoln, period, because the man himself was a mystery. But Watergate was a treasure. Not only were the details seemingly endless, but everybody even remotely associated with the events wrote a book about it, offering a delta of tangents. And of course, there was Deep Throat. Though Mark Felt was always a front runner, he was also the most boring candidate (i.e. the most obvious), so I was disappointed when he was finally revealed as Deep Throat.

All of this to explain why you should, right now, use the “Stop seeing posts but stay friends” option for me. We have entered the Watergate phase of Donald Trump’s career as a Federal Employee. Now, given that 98% of the predictions I have made regarding Trump have been wrong, there is a good chance I’m wrong about this too. Nevertheless, there is intrigue aplenty. Power is spilling from open veins everywhere. The race to see how/if GOP leadership can cram through legislation before Trump’s last ride on Air Force One is on and the mettle of true patriots on either side of the aisle is being tested.

For me, it’s like watching Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth, Richard III, and Henry VIII all balled up into one and unfolding in real time right in front of my eyes and I get to kibitz the entire thing from my seat in the balcony. If it were not for the sorrow of it, it would feel the way watching sports feels for people who are, you know, into that sort of thing. Posting about it on Facebook does no earthly good beyond simply providing point of punctuation to all the things flying through my head. It is an utterly selfish act on my part but I have never felt obligated to make my Facebook feed about anything other than whatever I want it to be at any given moment. I would not take your taking a break from me personally.

We long ago reached the point where whatever happens, it will be historic. Of course, everything any president does is historic, but I mean in the way that it would be among the first things someone who is not yet alive would ask me about 30 years from now. I expect I might be asked about the fall of the Berlin Wall. I might be asked about Clinton’s impeachment. I might be asked about Obama becoming president. But I anticipate the first questions will be 9/11 and Donald Trump. My only question, I suppose, is will they be asking because they are interested in my take on what happened or will they be asking me because tyranny won, history has been re-written, and they want to know the truth?