Page 22 Rant: Lindsey Graham Makes Me Proud to Be an American

Even if it is just a low-ball negotiating posture, to allow the minions who tell you how to carlitosway_053do your job to even suggest cutting programs like Meals On Wheels while you are wasting taxpayer money on unnecessary travel and your wife living in New York marks you as the con man that you are. In the world of true American values, Trump is no better than a jonesing mouthpiece for low rent mafia.

As I have now said many times, if you voted for Trump, you must answer
for his actions as a Federal Employee, just as you expected me to answer 4134593403_98cbeb82bd_bfor Obama. You can run, but the blood will find your hands. If you held your nose while casting your vote for Trump, you can denounce the man now without denouncing the fundamental values of the party you once recognized as your own, the values that Trumps mocks by simply opening his eyes every morning.

It’s hard to explain, as an unapologetic liberal, the pride I feel in my country when john-mccain-lord-of-the-tarpRepublicans long considered true conservatives, people with whom I would have little in common philosophically, stand up to Trump, even when it could hurt them politically.

I’ve heard it said that the liberal and conservative paradigms are no longer relevant and we are witnessing the search for new ways of framing points of view on society and governance. It’s a dangerous time, to be sure. There 7dc447cf9cf713169abfd65c08b5b98eis no easy road to the other side. Pence would not be a welcome relief from anything other than the embarrassment of Trump. But I expect, or I suppose I hope, there will be uneasy but powerful alliances between people like Bernie Sanders and Lindsey Graham, alliances that will form to defeat the dying vestiges of Trumpism and then part friends, living to fight each other another day.

I also suspect, and in this case it is more anticipation than hope, that America is in the midst of evolving past the two-party lock. In Trump, Ryan, Cruz, Clinton, and Sanders you have five fairly distinct representations of the American electorate. This is an estimation on my part. But none of them is distinct enough to be self-sustaining 100% of the Alliances would form and dissolve and majorities created based on common ground, however thin at times, to keep the government functioning. The “all-or-nothing” crowd
would soon find itself marginalized and adapt or die.

We cannot know, really, what a multi-party reality would look like in American politics, since it’s never been our cup of tea, but it is something to which I have pinned a few hopes.

Page 22
On June 17, 1972, Bob Woodward attended the preliminary hearing for 5 men arrested for breaking into the DNC headquarters inside the Watergate office building. He took 24 pages of notes. On page 22 he noted that one of the “burglars,” James McCord, had worked for the CIA, a fact that likely pushed the story to the front page and led the Washington Post to put a team on the developing story. Just 3 days later, Woodward and Bernstein had connected the Watergate break-in to the White House. Though it would be an arduous 2 years before Nixon resigned, and he would throw many people under the bus ahead of him, his presidency ended on page 22 of Woodward’s June 17, 1972 notebook.
While I do not pretend anything I write here is journalism, my “rants” are inspired, in part, by the fact that  we have brought down a corrupt president in the past and my hope that out there somewhere, someone is writing down the “domino note” on page 22 of their reporter’s notebook.