Operating Principles  

Honor commitments to such a degree that those to whom promises are made feel highly valued.

Exceed expectations for quality and service.

Demonstrate audacity without arrogance.

Be known for integrity and fostering a culture of accountability.

Bring energy and thoughtfulness to managing the workload.

Practice servant leadership as a manager.

Be an assertive and diplomatic participant in project management and planning the growth of the company.

Be an example to customers of productivity, efficient teamwork, and sound business practices.

Engage in ongoing and open communication within the company and with customers.

Question, learn, and teach, teach, teach.

Recognize that vital relationships and sincere connections are at the heart of every success.

Regularly invite feedback and demonstrate listening.

Initiate change with grace, and accept change gracefully.

Guard fiercely the confidentiality of those we serve and honor that confidentiality at all times, without compromise.